real canadian superstore flyers

These are primarily to show real canadian superstore flyers you how to buy high quality and popular products at the cheapest price. You have many more options to reduce the cost of weekly shopping. Let your great chance to win! A real Canadian fantastic flyer July 02, 2017
Find all your needs in one place.

As I said earlier, you will see many items such as meat, produce ready to cook frozen bread, drinks, snacks, household, personal hygiene, baby, home furnishings, electronics and more. This shop is one of the best shops in Canada to score a few. In addition, this week discounts for various products.

Proud Canadian!
Put on some fantastic ingredients! Variety of chicken, meat, bakery and delicatessen on pages 1 and 2. Make more visible. For example, Canada has $ 1.01 fresh Oyster Cove are already on sale! You only pay $ 3.98 for it. In addition, some selected products flyers shop when you buy more, you pay less. For example, if you buy 2 or more whole PCs or sliced, mushrooms or cremini, you pay only $ 1.50 EA.

• Mill Creek Peas, $ 2.98 EA.
• Chicken thigh or computer drum, $ 2.78 pounds
• Canada Maple Leaf deli meat sliced ​​craft services, $ 3.48
• Tre Stelle Double Pack Cheese $ +6.00 EA.
• Saputo cheeses, bocconcini cocktails, etc. $ 10.00.
• Rainbow trout Overall, $ 7.99 a pound
• Top Grilled Steak Fillets, $ 8,16
• Boneless chicken breast Computer free skin, $ 7.98 a pound


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